About Anime ShinGen

Welcome to Anime Shin-Gen, Founded September 26, 2012. Shin-Gen stands for “New-Generation”. It’s all about the anime and other facets of Japanese culture.Need your fix of anime? We have the group for you! Yes, we’re talking to the OTAKU in you!

Once based on meetup.com, we have now explored other options for networking.
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We are an anime club located in the Skokie area, we watch movies and read manga to stimulate a discussion. As a bonus, we learn art techniques from the industry and explore individual creativity for our members. To add spice in our events, we organize meet-ups with other clubs and visit both Asian and American hotspots like Mitsuwa, AMC theatres, bookstores, karaoke bars, and sushi restaurants.

Anime and manga have been a staple in modern Japanese society…why not make it our own?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info @ animeshingen.kisekinohana.net